* Chicago Time Out's Top 10 books of 2008
* Seed magazine's Picks 2008
* Finalist for the Northern California Book Award in fiction

"Menger-Anderson's fictional take on the harsh realities of old-world medical science is at once grotesque and utterly compelling, as are her madcap characters, who desire so earnestly to find a cure--whatever the cost." -- SEED Magazine

"Vivid and Original" --Publishers Weekly

"[This] savvy, sordid string of tales becomes a psychological spellbinder about the good, the bad, and the mad in all of us." --ELLE

"This little book isn't for everyone, but I sure loved it. If, like me, you've thought from time to time that under our controlled demeanors, our learning and good manners, we're all about one millimeter away from being stark, staring mad, and that the doctors who set up to treat us are probably just as crazy as the rest of us, if not more so, you'll sigh and smile when you read this." -- Carolyn See, Washington Post

"Menger-Anderson has written an intelligent and humorous history of the science of brains--and the brains of science." -- New England Journal of Medicine

"An unforgettable literary experience" --Mary Roach, author of Bonk, Stiff and Spooked

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